A note to my visitors

Since this site got hacked a while ago, I haven't been in a particular rush to put it back online after clearing out all of the malicious code, since I effectively started again with a new site, a new direction, a new way forward etc. etc.

But after reading this post about how we should expect to look back at our past work and cringe (unless we don't expect our future work to get any better), I realised that was actually the reason I wasn't in any rush to put something like 6 years worth of blog posts, links and random thoughts back online.

So here it is again. A few broken links and lost images here and there (mainly the result of a poor backup strategy), but most of the work is still there, if you want to Google around for it.

But if you're looking for something more recent (and more browsable), then have a look at my new site instead.



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